It’s been a while

It’s been awhile since my last blog, I’m still into street photography, but i’m using an iphone camera and Olympus om1 35mm film instead of digital, going back to basics, shots of my black and white film will follow later in other blogs.

Below is a recent shot taken with my iPhone and converted into black and white.




Early morning

Not living far from the river i ventured down one cold frosty morning in December and reeled off a couple of shots
capturing a rare quiet moment on the water with the sun just starting to break through the light mist, in my opinion is the best time of the day.
As spring approaches this stretch of river starts to get very busy with boats and the local fishermen, but its a great place for wildlife and landscape photography.

Expressions underground Feb 11

Westminster tube station

Early one morning while on the underground I came across another passenger waiting for a train, nothing unusual but this guy had been pacing up and down the platform sighing heavily.

It was although he should not have been kept waiting and for once there were no delays or cancellations, which do occur quite frequently on most lines.

Having my camera with me as I usually do, I thought I would try a different approach, managing to get a couple of shots off using an ultra wide lens and shooting at 17mm, then converting to black and white.

I often wondered if the gentleman in question ever made it to where he was going without having a seizure, the underground  is a great place to shoot, but if you venture in make sure you avoid the rush hours at all costs, you will always find many different forms of self expressions from the thousands of people who use it every day, some more interesting than others.





Prague 2010

Prague is a great place for shooting street photography the city never sleeps it has so much happening, it’s very historical and has much architecture.

This is one of my favourite shots of a local musician in his twilight years.

I was fortunate enough to capture this image in Wenceslas square one warm Saturday afternoon after an american tourist had just finished buying a jazz paper from him.

I shot in colour using a 50mm lens as nearly all my work is, but decided it needed to be converted to black & white for better results.

I have had much positive feed back with this image on my Flickr website and appreciate everyone’s comments, it’s not often you come across this type of photo opportunity, but when you do you are glad you were in the right place at the right time.


The beginning

FullSizeRender [90890]

Here goes

One thing that always makes me smile, is how anything goes in candid & street photography, unlike the conventional form where rules cant be broken.

For example, everyone these days is striving to “create the perfect” photograph, however this is not necessary in the world of these two subjects as there “are no rules”

Definition of candid photography: capturing a subject unposed, and or without their permission.

Definition of street photography: ironic, a type of documentary photography, being caught at a decisive or poignant moment.

With this type of photography you are “recording time” so to speak, its the world going by and knowing that what you have taken can never be repeated.

I experimented with many different types of photography before finding street, and then i was hooked, even going on a street workshop course in London, that was held by a film director and part time street shooter, improved my skills no end.

Candid & Street to myself is an art form, you cant really describe what you do, or the way you do it, it just feels right, and you know when, and what to shoot when you see it.

Most of my subjects are shot in colour, but the occasional one or two i convert to black & white and just crop, with no milipulation afterwards

I’m sure many of you will agree, disagree with me on this, but although im still learning i have been taking pictures since i was seven years old, and i still have the buzz and enthusiasm for photography many years on.

My kit comprises of 28mm 35mm and 50mm prime lenses which i feel most comfortable with when street shooting.

Inspired by Henri Bresson Cartier past years, and by Eric Kim present, im not claiming to be an expert, far from it, just doing my own thing.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog, and that many of you can relate to what i have written.