Expressions underground Feb 11

Westminster tube station

Early one morning while on the underground I came across another passenger waiting for a train, nothing unusual but this guy had been pacing up and down the platform sighing heavily.

It was although he should not have been kept waiting and for once there were no delays or cancellations, which do occur quite frequently on most lines.

Having my camera with me as I usually do, I thought I would try a different approach, managing to get a couple of shots off using an ultra wide lens and shooting at 17mm, then converting to black and white.

I often wondered if the gentleman in question ever made it to where he was going without having a seizure, the underground  is a great place to shoot, but if you venture in make sure you avoid the rush hours at all costs, you will always find many different forms of self expressions from the thousands of people who use it every day, some more interesting than others.






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