Ten fifteen

Ok it’s not quite street photography this time, but it just had to be done, shot with my Nikon using a 20mm lens, a slight crop,and then adding black and white, while still trying to capture different shades of light, this church in Kent has been used many times for weddings, and also by the military for special events over the years.church


Street selling with a difference

Came across this guy a while ago near London Bridge selling peacock feathers, i believe he’s well known throughout the borough for this, shot with 28mm, although it looks as he is posing, he somehow managed to stand still the exact moment i took his picture.

street selling

Last remaining few left

Still with the nikon but using a 50mm lens this shot goes back 4 years to Soho in London featuring a passer by picking up a local paper in their community, this again was just cropped in camera with no further editing, the 50mm lens is one of my favourites when shooting street photography.ct

Sunset on the street

A few years back i was round a friends house one evening back in the summer, and just happened to have my camera with me, it was about this time of year that the sunsets were rather good, so keeping an eye out on the fading light i took this shot using a 28-80mm lens, no editing just one one those rare moments you manage to capture natural colouring.


39 steps or more

Still with the Nikon this pic goes back to 2009 in an underground station in London, taken with a 10-20mm wide angle lens i just managed to fire off a couple of shots nearing the top of the escalator, no crop just converted to black and white in the camera.

39 steps





Ok here’s another picture taken with my old Nikon D60 with a 28mm lens, i was going into an underground subway in London a few years back, when i noticed someone at the end of the path, i managed to get a couple of shots off, no manipulation just straight from the camera, with street photography there are photo opportunities all around us you just need to be able to see them.

6826036022_cd7054d1ec_z sp

Eye Pod

This was taken a few years back, it’s the London eye a popular tourist attraction for the city with millions of visitors per year, this was shot with a Nikon D60 DSLR using a 200mm lens (not a camera phone for once) again no photoshop or filters just cropped, it goes to show that you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on equipment.




Paris 2012

This shot was taken back in Paris 2012 with my phone camera (of my girlfriend & still is today) but with a trusty old Rim Blackberry 9800, this is how i got my first taste of using my camera phone for photography, a slight crop then a black and white conversion followed, i have nevIMG_1013 [91725] ver been a fan of Photoshop, i like to do any editing on the camera, or by using the standard settings on my pc.

Kent Floods Boxing Day 2013

Maidstone in Kent saw some of the worst flooding in living memory, that bad it was being compared to the floods of the 1950s

the picture shown (again taken with iphone) is of the A229 by-pass on fair meadow which was closed for 3 days while the water subsided, i spent a good couple of hours walking around the town center and could not believe the amount of damage.


Image-1 [88740]

Fog on the Thames

Taken by iphone one evening in November 2015 by the river Thames where it was cold and starting to get dark

Camera phones have come a long way in recent years but you are still limited to the fixed lens of 4.15mm and aperture of f/2.2 but they are still fun to use and you can be quite creative with them, and what’s more it’s cheap photography.